The Groove Master

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Groovement is Life!! Ha ha ......or should I say movement......Our body is made up of pipes and systems like trains on train tracks.....tripping around. For example our Lymphatic system....goggle it if you need a definition....relies on muscle movement to shuttle stuff around it. Our Circulatory System is energised by increase flow too.

Everyone loves to hate someone else telling them what they Should do!! So I am not.......however what I will say, is what ever movement you do........approach it with gratitude and not like a chore. I have found moving my body when it is weighted down with burden is extra stress not less. So I reframe my approach do a quick long term review of where this movement is leading me, turning it into a positive....and groovement happens.

Another trick I have learnt, from good ole Aussie Michelle Bridges is, 'motivation is like a bad boy friend never turns up when you need I switch it up to inspiration and just commit 10mins to start. Once 10 mins is done.....wham I am on!

I warm up with some of my favourite tunes, do some coffee category breathing, connect to Spirit of Joy, talk to my mind, body and say something like....'the flow is light and amazing, thank you'. Visualisation is something Micheal Jordon used too is powerful

Booking a free breath discovery session, will explain more how air we breath is powerful and brings life to every part of our body! Please contact me via email for more personalised details.

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