The greatest gift in the whole world is Peace with All. Peace is the gift I have and in 2022, it is something I don't want to loss so readily. In light of the World and all it has to offer, there seems to be a constant invitation to lose myself in the frantic. However, on the other side I see just as much an opportunity to see and hear peace...... gentle breezes, sunlight, whole food, quietness of raining days, my own breath, the smell of nature, baths, restoring music, a hug.

By no means am I against momentum and action, these can be powerful. Can they be done and achieved in Peace? I believe YES!

Resilience, is the ability to maintain steadiness amidst pressure. To grow in a capacity to handle the frantic invitation and flip it up, and manage it with clarity and poise. Keeping the balance is possible.

Awareness of invitations around you is vital to maintaining Peace which passes all understanding.

It is given from a space, in the big perspective, all will be well.

Peace, is stillness..... no more swinging.

The Natural strategies given here on my website, have been significant tools I use to remind me of my commitment to the gift I have..... Peace.

Each one in one way or another ground me and give me space around the ever looming pressure of western cultural living. To keep me focused in a balanced manner toward my everlasting purpose.

My greatest dream is for people to practise things that remind them of the gift available to all man. PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.

Go seek it, if you want to see more of its beauty in your life......It is there for all to see and feel. And like love grows & expands.

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