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About Natalie Jane designed to thrive

Welcome to a journey of discovery.

Life is certainly an experience!

We are here to connect and share strategies,

tap into insights.

Discover more about the thriving mode of the  Nervous System

How Breath is foundational and powerful.

Providing Natural techniques to practise.

Growing in wisdom and insights to support you along the journey of Life.


Hi I'm Natalie

I have 50+ years of living and gratitude for it all!! My idea of fun is dancing! Most people compliment me on my kind, fun heart, my ability to balance perspectives and shine wisdom. 

Steadfast faithfulness is important, but as you can see below variety is SPICE!

I have practised as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, raised 5 beautiful humans with my hubby (Steve),

Home Educated for 21years.

Am a Remedial Massage Therapist, including Pregnancy Massage and certified Breath Coach.

Connection, Wellness & Educating are valuable.

I look forward to discovering more with you.

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Principle Living Strategies

Remedial/ PregnancyMassage

Doterra Oils

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