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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I am not here to tell you, you need to go vego, pescartarian, keto, paleo or any other food preference. You know your own body better than anyone. Honesty is key? Is your body giving you messages to say......something is out of alignment, we need to examine actions and come up with a new way. Your body's design is for healing not imploding, not to hid from reality......but to move toward greater understanding, tender kindness and more vitality.

WHY? because through experiecne I have found to go on the path of discovery, loving understanding , of my own body, my nervous system has to enter the parasympathetic mode of rest, peace, digest. This mode is where compassion, kindness, empathy and understanding are birthed. To go on this journey is to understand a deep Spiritual my neighbour, as I love myself! To receive the divine knowing of my own body, empowered me to share love, kindness, peace and goodwill to all man. No one else knows, my divine uniqueness, it is deeply intimate with the Spirit of Love LIfe, but we all have it, because the Author of Life is amongst us all. Are you aware of this? Do you feel the hope in this knowing? This journey is not just about you, but the greater good.

“Food from the earth is made 100% for your more of it. Food made in some factory has been perverted by man to taste good but is not best"

“ Eating food in faith knowing where it has comes from and in a heart space of gratitude & thankfulness, helps your physiology digest it ”

Dr Caroline Leaf in her book "Think yourself Smart" talks about the power of receiving foods from people who you are connected to. For example my friend Jacqui often gives me food from her oversupply. I often give my oversupply to varies friends. This connection raises emotions associated in the parasympathetic mode, strengthening my mindset in goodness. However, for many years I was unaware of this power. I was connected to the mind numbing consumerism of walking into a supermarket unconscious of connection, taking what I need and using it. Can I say STOP think about what you buy and think yourself Smart. Adding Life giving mindsets, to your everyday.

Follow this link to some amazing plant based nutritional supplements which took me from brain fog to vitality, catapulting me into a greater ability to understand and take a stand in what I was putting into my body.

Kind regards


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