Raising Healthy Families

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

When I became a mother, the desire to nurture increased, and continues to.

One my health desires, was to spend as little time at the doctors, chemist as possible and raise my children to understand their body's innate intelligence to heal and restore, using natural methods.


I have journeyed with many a situations to examine why sickness came and how to restore, repair and fortify the body to increase in health.

I am happy to report that my children have experience trauma through risk taking behaviours and I am so grateful for the medical fraternity to assist in stitching them up, dealing with acute situations. However for organ and cellular function we have limited our need for a chemist, or doctor. In fact, my 5th child, has never used a doctor or had any chemist product. Does this outcome resonate with you? Is it a desire you have? Can you feel your heart leap in hope?

I believe each family needs to gain insight and understanding, take responsibility to care for their own designed body and develop a culture of thriving. Everyone is a little different and each of my children respond differently to life's stresses. So no cookie cutters here!

Emotional, physical, mental experiences all create an opportunity to discover deep meaning, therefore pointing to a strong Spiritual foundation. Divine understanding is knowing Mercy, Grace, Love and Truth is to be experienced in the everyday. Humans are always to remember, we are not all knowing, ever present & all powerful....but life is an invitation to taste, see, hear and know the Creator of Heaven and Earth is, and to experience that in the everyday.

Don't miss the invitation.....It is wild and challenging, but like parenting the most rewarding.

Email me if you are interested in knowing some Natural Strategies around health care for children.

I will send you an PDF listing them

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