Wait a minute.....I need a moment!!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

How do you take a moment? Are you aware when your body is in Sympathetic Overload.....the stress response is beyond reason!!

Everyone manages their nervous way or another.....some with Netflix, coffee, alcohol, drugs, walk in nature, a bath, a run.

Massage used to be considered a pampering luxury. However, as every generation dynamically is invited to different perspectives, I can safely say research shows regular massage supports your body's ability to regulate your nervous system. It balances the Autonomic Nervous System, increases circulation, brings subtleness to connective tissue and positions the body in a state to heal it self.

When our body is in focus or threat mode it does not restore and rebuild. When we are in rest and digest state our body goes into restore and repair mode.

Like when you cut knows how to heal.....and research shows if you sleep more, and have a balanced rest/movement mindset you heal quicker!!

From experience I am aware of how much information and stimulation I am giving my mind, spirit body and create a space to desensitise. Both Focus and Stillness are important.

Great ways to do this.......soft orchestral music, floatation bath, candle light or dimming lights after dark, water/ whiskey breathing, grounding in nature, fasting, sitting in silence, prayer, meditation. Lean into the quiet, it helps bring clarity and a way forward.

“The delusion is lazing on the couch, watching TV or a device is rest.....It is not rest to our Nervous is processing continuously.....adding new information to the subconscious mind only to create more threat or support filters for our minds to tell the body to respond with.

How to build more moments

It only takes 4 minutes to change your state. How gracious.

Breath work is powerful.

Awareness & consistency are key. Book a regular massage. Practice water breath through out the day.

Create a trigger within your house or office, to associate your mind body spirit to calm. For example a special chair, a blanket or a spot in the garden.

Book a free breath discovery session via email, in the contact tab.

Book a Remedial massage in Geelong @newtownnaturalfertility

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