How Safe are your waters?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Perceptions and perspectives are fascinating to look at from a bird's eye view. How are you feeling right now?? What lens are you viewing through to attain that feeling?  Your mind is receiving information, interpreting it and your body is responding accordingly.  Maybe you could think of a situation where you felt safe....or one where you were on edge? These feelings come through your body via your minds eye and down the Vagus nerve. The largest nerve that regulate your autonomic nervous system. Causing you to feel safe, focus or threat.

Experience and feelings can not really be separated. Every experience evokes safety, focus or threat.

So image your Divine given centre is the pier. It is the place wired in love, for love, to be loved. It never moves or changes. But the waters around it do. They can be peaceful, calm or stormy and violent. The waters alter according to the perspectives or perceptions you hold about certain circumstances.

Awareness is power. Reflective time in nature, or in a safe space at home, i find is a great space to review with a bird's eye view my responses. See where they lead in the long term, (remembering masters commit to steadfast faithfulness) and I put what is needed into place to calm the waters around me.

This has included:


-hold onto a good outcome in the end, maintaining the vision

-reminding myself of why, I love......

-knowing seeking a way through always true and life giving

-broadening my perspective about some one or something,

-giving grace in the space and sharing my need, rather than having an expectation that my need should be just known!

-seeking insight of another's need and not exclusively my own

-releasing expectations

-humbling my own wise- eyes, seeing from a different vantage point and holding to Love.....which wins in the end every time

-catching the words I speak and changing any unkind discouraging ones for Life giving encouragements.

- chatting to a safe person and gleaning from people who are further along the road of Life than I.

-letting go of fear and seeing faith instead

Whatever you see or feel, Life always seems to be so dynamically moving.

NOW is all that can be sured....So find a way to calm the waters be at peace and love NOW.

Others always can dock when waters are peaceful.

Kind regards


If you are interested in building space in your life to reflect.....please reach out and organise a free breath discovery session with via contact tab.

Kind regards


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