Observation is powerful

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Can you remember being a child and observing your world without judgement? I have found this to be a very powerful tool to cling to as I walk an adult life. There is a continual invitation in Life to judge all things and place them into to boxes.......good....bad....

I would love for you to ask, 'How is that working for you?' I discovered not very well!! In fact I found my mind was like a swinging pendulum!! Toing and froing.....eventually exhausted. So through curiosity of the state I found myself in.......I decided to try and stop the judging and revert back to my childhood approach of observation. Observing life through experience and examine what was leading to Life giving consequences and what was producing Burdened, heaviness. In order to do this I had to understand emotional honesty, faith filled hope, and that my circumstances are a symptom of my thinking not a lifeless state of reality.

“To learn how to observe and not judge is wellness to our nervous system. Make peace with things as they are now, rather than stress on a perceived judgement of how we think they should be.”

To be honest, emotionally, I feel scared, I feel angry, I feel happy ......was a great place to begin recognising, where I judge. My immaturity taught me to feel bad about having emotions. So regulating them in a perceived safe space was hard to find.......My physiology responded in flight, fight, fright mode, because in my mind there was a threat. Once I learnt to observe the emotion from a distance and keep my body response in peace......awareness became my power. Like a child who feels safe I was able to respond with a sound mind.


Collectively examine how are your daily activities, connecting you to a mind set of calm, rest and digest. Does the food entering your body help minimise stress? Are the thoughts you think kind, admirable, grateful, praiseworthy? Is the movement you practice, bring joy and energised contentment?

Where do you provide space in your world to examine, reflect, breath?

Booking a Breath Session with me is a great place to start building moments in your day to realise the designed power to observe and not judge.

If you are interested in learning about regulating your nervous system via natural healthy ways, please contact me via email.

Kind regards


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