Natural health strategies to relieve stress, revive your spaces.
"You are fearfully and wonderfully made"


Breath Workshop

Reverse breathing is a thing!

Take a breath now!

If your shoulders go up and your tummy goes in, or you have no idea what just happened need to register for a free discovery session...learn to become more body aware, relieve stress, aid sleep and digestion

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Remedial/ Pregnancy  

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11 Holyrood Ave, Newtown, Geelong

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20 Crimea St 

Drysdale, Vic 3222

Making spaces to allow the body to heal/ restore and revive are essential in todays switched on world.

Without these spaces we overwhelm the nervous system stay in a brain wave state of stress, which in the long term disconnects us from so much.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Doterra Oils

We are sensory beings. To smell, to feel, to taste, to see, to know, to hear, brings deep connection to self and awareness to our surrounds.

Nature is given to us to connect and help position our spaces to keep health.

Oils are an organic way to connect and assist our bodies to function/ repair/ rebuild/ stay clean

Digestive Health

Oxidative stress is continually created through our bodies by thought, word and actions.

Being kind to our bodies by placing powerful nutrients into our cells reduces the side effects of stress, which over the long term brings thrive mode.

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.
              a spiritual principle from James 3

"Natalie was amazing.  A beautiful pregnancy massage which left me feeling calm and relaxed. Her wealth of knowledge and wisdom allows you to prepare for pregnancy, labour, & birth. Incredibly replenishing for the mind body & soul."

Bec (East Geelong)

" After every session with Natalie, I left feeling lighter, calmer, balanced, ready for my days ahead.”

Isabella (Belmont)

“With regular treatments.... we shared life situations. Our  conversations helped balance my perspectives and contributed to our beautiful birthing outcome”

Christina (Leopold)